PC Camera

    PC Camera

    Simply superior performance!

    If you want to get into the fascinating world of face-to-face video chatting and video mails, the SPC 300NC is the smart way to get on-line and share the live action. It comes with everything you need, including v-mail software. See all benefits


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Simply superior performance!

Live video messaging

  • VGA resolution (640x480) for sharp images

    VGA (640 x 480) means around 300,000 pixels are used to create the total image. This VGA resolution ensures sharp images for use in documents, webpages and e-mails.

  • Smooth image with 30 frames per second video

    Sit back and enjoy superior viewing with 30 frames per second video. This gives you smoother video images and a better all-round video-chatting experience.

  • V(ideo)Launch software

    Sofware for capturing, managing and archiving snapshots and video clips in a very convenient way. With just a couple of mouse clicks you will able to create and send Video mails. This software package provides all you need to take fully advantage of your Philips PC Camera.

  • VLounge QuickLaunch button for instant operation

    To start up the VLounge application, simply press the QuickLaunch button

  • Works with all available imaging software

    Capture VGA-quality (640x480) snapshots and flicker-free video clips for video mails This PC Camera works with all available imaging software such as Arcsoft's VideoImpression, Adobe Photoshop … and many more…

  • XP Plug & Play

    If you're a Windows XP end-user, you do not need to install product drivers before starting to use this PC peripheral / product.

  • Rotating lens for perfect aiming and natural images

    Rotating lens for perfect aiming and natural images. You can get the right camera angle quickly and easily without having to put things underneath it to change the tilt.

  • Go face-to-face with free instant messaging services

    Add video to Yahoo!, MSN and AOL Messenger. This PC Camera also works with Windows Messenger and NetMeeting.

  • External microphone for optimum positioning

    With a separate external microphone, you have the freedom to place it where it best picks up your voice for relaxed on-line video chatting.

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