X-treme Ultinon LED Car Lamp

Festoon 30mm, White 10000K, 45 lumen, Interior light 1294110000X1 Find similar products
  • Bright modern interior

    X-treme Ultinon LED

    Car Lamp

    1294110000X1 Find similar products

    High brightness white 10000K LED interior car light, for clear interior visibility. Uniform light diffusion. Long lasting LED with 12 years lifetime. See all benefits


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Bright modern interior

Clear interior visibility

  • 12 year lifespan

    12 year lifespan

    High heat and vibration resist

  • High brightness LED

    High brightness Sky white effect (10000K) LED car light, for clear interior visibility and bright white atmosphere.

  • Uniform light diffusion

    Optical design for uniform light diffusion

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