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  • No.1 choice of major car manufacturers
  • Original equipment at highest quality standards
  • 100 years of experience in Automotive
  • Vibration resistant two-wheeler lamps from 10G up to 15G (gravitational force)
  • High quality quartz glass
Rear parking lights

Rear parking lights


Available in:

R5W, R10W, W3W, W5W, T4W,

W21/5W, P21W, P21/5W

Rear Stop lights

Rear stop lights


Available in:

W16W, W21/5W, P21W, P21/5W,

PR21W, PR21/5W, R5W

Rear Licence plate lights

Rear licence plate lights


Available in:

R5W, R10W, T4W, W3W,

W5W, H6W, C5W

Rear indicators

Rear Indicators


Available in:

H21W, W5W, W16W, W21W, WY21W,

P21W, PY21W, R5W, R10W, RY10W

Low beam - High beam

Low beam - High beam


Available in:

H1, H3, H4, H7, H8, H9, H11,

HS1, HB3, HB4, R2, S2, S3

Front Parking lights

Front parking lights


Available in:

T4W, R5W, R10W, H6W, W3W,

W5W, W16W, T2W, T3W

Front indicators

Front Indicators


Available in:

W5W, W16W, W21W, WY21W, WY5W, H21W,

R5W, R10W, RY10W, P21W, P21/5W, PY21W