How to descale
Philips steam generator iron

Over time, your steam generator iron will start to build up calc or scale; this happens in all electrical appliances that use water. The harder the water in your area, the faster scale impurities will develop and solidify if not cleaned away. Without regular descaling, you will find that scale is pushed out of your steam generator iron in the form of white/brown stains and that the steam output is compromised. Be sure to descale as part of your ironing routine to maximize the performance of your steam generator iron.

Easy De-Calc

Descaling Philips steam generators with Easy De-Calc

To avoid the risk of burns, make sure the appliance has been unplugged for at least 2 hours and has completely cooled down.


1. Light reminder for descaling

Perform descaling once the EASY DE-CALC light starts to flash.
Performing the descaling process regularly helps to prolong the lifetime of the appliance and optimizes ironing performance.

2. Descaling

Ensure that the steam generator is cool before descaling.
Place the steam generator at the edge of a table or sink and hold a cup under the EASY DE-CALC knob.
Remove the EASY DE-CALC knob and let the water with scale particles flow into the cup.
When no more water comes out, reinsert the EASY DE-CALC knob and turn it clockwise to tighten it.

How to deep clean your Steam Generator Iron


Click on the video to watch how easy it is and follow the steps below.


Perform the deep clean once a month to prolong your steam generator's lifetime!


  • Tilt the base, remove the EASY DE-CALC knob and pour in 500ml of water
  • Tighten the knob back in place, switch on your steam generator and wait 5 minutes
  • Press and hold the steam trigger whilst ironing a piece of cloth
  • Continue until water tank is empty and scale particles have flushed out
  • Empty the water from the Easy De-Calc when your iron is cool
    Perform the deep clean once a month to prolong your steam generator's lifetime!